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Ebolster Games is made up of a young creative team of independent game developers founded in 2014 and is located in the Tampa, Florida area. Our focus is to deliver a variety of action based games that will be deliverable to a wide range of deployment for many platforms including PC, Windows Phone and Android.  Our main focus is the creation of retro based games as well as creating games for musicians offering a great game for your favorite bands.

It is our intention to create games that will be inspirational and enhance the gamer's experience through the creation of intriguing stories and attractive gameplay ideas.  We do not use only one game engine so our limits for game design are not restricted to one format.

We are currently in the process of developing the game series for E.D.P. 3085 as our first commercial titles that will be one of many within an entire game franchise.


Two Exciting Games Currently In Production

E.D.P. 3085: Alien Shockwave (Currently in BETA)
- This will be a 2D high action top down space shooter game that will be sure to entertain and amuse you as you shoot your foe with our altered method of firing power.

E.D.P 3085: On Guard - A side scrolling game requiring jumping and shooting against hoards of enemies in an attempt to protect an post apocalyptic world on Earth.

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